The purpose of bookkeeping isn’t to please the tax office


About Bookkeepers On Call

The Difference

Adelaide bookkeeping services that help you understand and grow your business by assessing, organising, teaching and supporting you and your business through every step of its development.

South Australian based, our passion is working with small business to see them become profitable and giving owners the confidence and ability to maintain that growth and development. We truly understand small business and the importance of every sale.

The difference you can expect from Bookkeepers On Call is our genuine care and interest in your success. We have the well-being of your business at heart and we are never too busy for a coffee and a chat to offer advice, support or a friendly ear.

The Creation

Gabriella Ingram began building Bookkeepers On Call in 2013, but it was the many years in the lead up to this that shaped the approach and focus of the business.

Gabi started out as a small business owner herself in regional SA. She was in the hospitality industry and specialised in planning functions, catering and weddings. This was where her passion for organisation, systems and procedures was realised. As much as she loved this work, her family needed to come first, so she chose to complete an Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

She secured an office and administration role in a family accounting firm while she was studying and continued there as an accountant once she was qualified. It was at this point that Gabi began to realise she would never be a standard accountant. She had built strong relationships with the firm’s clients and was trusted source for advice. She knew she had a genuine empathy for business owners and real passion for helping them understand and improve their situations through her experience, organisation and efficient systems.

Once she had become an ‘accountant’ she desperately missed the connections she had made and began to feel a decrease in her job satisfaction. When the firm was bought by a bigger company, Gabi knew this corporate life was not for her. She was dedicated to small business owners and offering them affordable, practical support in a language they could understand.

I contacted Gabriella who literally saved me! Right away I knew I was in good hands.

[ Lisa Akers, Director – Apex Home Improvements ]

The next chapter for Gabi was to take on the role of General Manager of a small building franchise company of 7 branches here in South Australia. Gabi’s passion was ignited once again, using her love for small business, accounts, organisation and her hospitality background to grow the business. And grow she did. When Gabi left her role she had taken them from 7 to 35 franchises along the Eastern sea board.

Idea for Adelaide bookkeeping service

From here, a chance encounter saw Gabi buy a little Adelaide bookkeeping business. With only 2 clients on the books, she jumped at the chance to rebrand and grow this little business in line with her passions and talents. This little business became Bookkeeper’s On Call.

The success of Bookkeeper’s On Call came down to Gabi’s various life experiences. She’s a mum, a bookkeeper, a function planner, a social butterfly, a coffee drinker, a mentor, a manager and a small business owner. Coupled with her passions was a recipe for something new and exciting in the industry.

“Let our team take care of the paperwork and give you back some time”

– Gabriella Ingram