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Bookkeeping tip: invoice promptly and regularly


If there’s one important bookkeeping tip that we always like to pass on to small business owners, it is to always make sure to stay on top of invoicing.   Put simply. If you don’t invoice regularly and promptly, you’re leaving your money on the table.   It’s tempting to put your invoicing off until later and gradually let it slide…

Bookkeeping tip: Check cash flow BEFORE crisis hits!


Life is full of surprises, but the fewer we have in business, the better. Cash flow is the lifeblood of your small business. It determines the financial health and well being of your business and can spell the end if you don’t have a handle on it.   It’s important to have up-to-date visibility of…

Are you using the right accounting software?

Are you using the right accounting software?

So how do you know if you’re using the right accounting software? The one that’s best suited to your business? There’s a lot to choose from and if you’re not an accountant or a bookkeeper it can be daunting to know what system you actually need.   The systems available today are powerful and sophisticated and while…

Small Business Bookkeeping Explained – Part 4


Welcome to the fourth and final part of our small business bookkeeping explained blog series. These posts are aimed at explaining, in plain English, the most important aspects of small business bookkeeping.   Part 1 focused on BAS, part 2 was all about PAYG, part 3 looked at Tax Deductions, and today we’re diving into GST….

Small business bookkeeping explained – Part 3


Welcome to part 3 of our small business bookkeeping explained series. This series aims to explain, in plain English, the most important aspects of small business bookkeeping.   Part 1 focused on BAS, part 2 was all about PAYG, and today we’re looking at business Tax Deductions.   If you’re already breaking out in a…

Time to throw your shoebox away!


Do you keep all your business receipts in a shoebox, a file, a folder, a Tupperware container, and then wait until you have time to input them into your accounting system?   Wait! What accounting system?   If the thought of doing what needs to be done with all those pesky receipts and invoices just…

The magic of cash flow forecasting

financial forecasting

  Lack of planning and control of cash resources is one of the most commonly sited reasons for failure for many small businesses in Australia. But good forecasting can help reduce your business risk, big time!   Much like a map helps you plan a long road trip, a financial forecast helps you control your…

12 ways bad bookkeeping can hurt your business

bookkeeping mistakes

If you have a small business then you know how critical good bookkeeping is to the success of your business. You’re probably also aware of just how confusing, tedious, and consuming it can be. But more than simply being an arduous task, if not done correctly, it can cause a great deal of strife down the track….

Make Xero bookkeeping mistakes – said no one ever


At Bookkeepers On Call, we love bookkeeping, we really do. But what we love even more, is helping our clients get a grip on their bookwork, uncover areas for improvement, and increase profits.   We hear so many people say they spend waaaay too much time on their bookwork, getting frustrated and frazzled, and not…