The purpose of bookkeeping
isn’t to please the tax office

it’s to give you the tools to know,
understand and grow your business

About Us


We are SO MUCH MORE than just bookkeepers!

We are your Business Buddies!


– Gabriella Ingram (Gabi)

  • Owned and operated by Gabriella Ingram (Gabi)
  • More than just bookkeepers

YES, we make bookkeeping simple, but also …

  • We provide business support (business buddies)!
  • We review and analyse client reports
  • We help develop strategies appropriate to grow YOUR business
  • We help develop and implement processes to support your business (not hinder it)
  • We can provide support for your staff – when you find you can’t (eg. You are away from your business)
  • And so much more … just ask!

What is Gabi’s background?

  • Gabi started as a small business owner operator
  • Studied to become an Accountant (Advanced diploma of accounting)
  • Worked as an Accountant in an accounting practice (small family practise)
  • Was the practise manager
  • Mainly focussed on Tax Returns and general accounting
  • After being bought out by a large firm, Gabi had the opportunity to experience the coldness of accounting ‘big business’:
  • A “6 minute” increment charging structure
  • Lack of warmth and personality
  • Lack of connection with the businesses and clients they were meant to be serving.
    …. And decided, that world was not for her!
  • Having then taken on a role as General Manager for a small Building franchise company here in South Australia, Gabi grew the business from 7 to 35 franchises along the Eastern sea board.

I enjoy the connection with the businesses and clients we serve.



  • After the GFC hit, Gabi had a period of time where she questioned what her true passion was. Which was the birth of BOOKKEEPERS ON CALL.
  • Gabi bought the small and newly commenced bookkeeping business from another operator in 2013. Having only 2 clients on the books at the time of purchase, Gabi re-branded and built Bookkeepers On Call to over 45 clients today, and in the space of only a few years.
  • The rapid growth has come about from Gabi’s solid knowledge of business, how to grow a business, and passion for supporting and facilitating small businesses to experience growth for themselves.

What is the future vision of BOOKKEEPERS ON CALL?

  • Having a passion for the success and growth of small business, that will remain our focus, and so will continue to add staff in order to support and serve an even greater number of clients, and at an even deeper level.
  • Our greatest desire is to give small business owners back their time – so that they can focus more on what they are passionate about, and what they do best!!

“Let our team take care of the paperwork and give you back some time”

Gabriella Ingram

Bookkeeping Consultant

We approach bookkeeping from the business owners perspective

What reports do you need to see?

What information helps you make decisions about your business?

Bookkeepers On Call is a local Adelaide business providing professional accounting and bookkeeping services for business’ across all industries.

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