Time to throw your shoebox away!


Do you keep all your business receipts in a shoebox, a file, a folder, a Tupperware container, and then wait until you have time to input them into your accounting system?

Wait! What accounting system?

If the thought of doing what needs to be done with all those pesky receipts and invoices just fills you with dread, overwhelm, or boredom, then you are in for a treat.

Receipt Bank can convert those annoying bits of paper into data you can actually use!

This fantastic new website lets you scan each item and place it in an online account. Your receipts and invoices are collated and stored and the data is extracted and given back to you to upload straight to your accounting system.

To make things even easier they’ve created an app for iPhone and Android, which allows you to take a photo of your receipts and email them over. You’ll receive an email from Receipt Bank letting you know when it’s all done and ready to access.

How easy is that?!

No more manually inputting expenses, no more storing and filing invoices, and no more searching for that last receipt that your accountant needs before he can complete your tax return. It’s all done for you. This really is the new way to manage your paper work.

Receipt Bank also integrates with a range of accounting software including Xero.

So if you need to talk about your accounting system, how to set one up, what the best one is for your business, or implementing time saving extras like Receipt Bank, then give us a call, we’ll talk you through all the benefits available to you and help you get on with growing your business.

Call us for a chat and a free bookkeeping analysis today on 1300 900 938 or email us here. We’re in Adelaide, South Australia.


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